Arbitrary state orthogonalizer and qubit generator


We have provided the first demonstration of a general orthogonalization procedure that, starting from an arbitrary continuous-variable quantum state and from limited information about the state itself, can generate an orthogonal state and arbitrary coherent superpositions of the two.

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Making of a zero-area single photon pulse


We just realized the first single-photon version of a zero-area ultrashort pulse.

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Hybrid entanglement of light

NatPhot cover HR

We produced entanglement between differently-encoded photonic qubits. A single-photon-based qubit state on one side and a coherent-state-based one on the other.
The situation closely resembles the quantum-classical hybrid entanglement of the atom-cat system in the Schroedinger’s cat paradox.

Nature Photonics made a cover out of the story (and of our image).

Physica Scripta Highlights of 2013


Our paper on the characterization of homodyne detection selected among the  2013 highlights of Physica Scripta

Turning diamond into graphite



OK, it doesn’t look such a brilliant idea, but it may actually be very useful…

We have demonstrated the production of graphitic conductive wires for 3D diamond detectors by means of femtosecond laser pulses.

Measuring time and frequency with light


Ever wondered how to measure time and frequency with a laser? Well, you might consider buying our (700+ pages) book from CRC Press – Taylor & Francis

Quantum Process Nonclassicality


We have proposed and experimentally tested a general definition for the nonclassicality of a quantum optical process based on its action on coherent light states.

Adaptively probing the shape of quantum light



We describe the first use of a genetic algorithm to adaptively probe the arbitrary spectral/temporal shape of ultrashort quantum light states. Besides fully reconstructing the complex spectral/temporal structure of a single photon, we also demonstrate how to use this capability as a clever new way of encoding quantum information.

Random-sampling XUV Ramsey spectroscopy



We demonstrate a new scheme for performing Ramsey-type spectroscopy of XUV atomic transitions with high-order harmonics. Random time-sampling intervals are used to achieve absolute XUV frequency measurements at high accuracy and resolution.

A hi-fi noiseless amplifier for quantum light states



We have demonstrated the operation of a non-deterministic noiseless amplifier based on the addition and subtraction of single photons. Our scheme greatly outperforms all other existing approaches to phase-insensitive noiseless amplification, both in terms of amplification gain and final state fidelity.

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