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Other cool stuff

Apart from the two main research lines, we are actively working on several other interesting topics. These imply the use of our advanced laser sources and techniques for different purposes, ranging from the production of new diamond-based detectors, to the simulation of transport in complex networks, to optical diagnostics for medicine/biology and cultural heritage samples…

Transport in optical cavity-based networks

The study of the mechanisms which drive the energy transport through interacting systems plays a crucial role both to improve the process of transferring quantum or classical information across complex networks and to explain the high efficiency (above 95%) of the excitation transfer through a network of chromophores in photosyntetic systems. Recently, in many theoretical …

Writing graphite channels in diamond

We use our ultrashort and high-intensity laser pulses at 800 nm to precisely write conductive graphite channels in diamond. These have been shown to substantially improve the charge collection efficiency when the crystal is used as a high-energy particle detector, thanks to the 3D geometry of the collecting electrodes.

OCT for art and medicine

We developed novel techniques for non-invasive diagnostics of materials by means of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). The light source (the mode-locked Ti:sapphire oscillator of our amplified CPA system) has a bandwidth exceeding 100 nm and can thus provide a micron-level axial (depth) resolution.