High-resolution Ramsey XUV spectroscopy on bound atomic states


We demonstrate the potential of a Ramsey spectroscopic scheme based on high-order harmonics to reach a resolving power >10^5 in the XUV. This is done by measuring clear quantum interferences in the excitation of an Argon transition at 87 nm for XUV pulse delays larger than 100 ps.

Best Poster Prize at the “Quantum Communication based on Integrated Optics” Heraeus Seminar


Our PhD student Constantina Polycarpou wins the Best Poster Prize at the “Quantum Communication based on Integrated Optics” Heraeus Seminar

OSA “Best of 2009” in Optics and Photonics News


Our works on single-photon manipulation of quantum light states have been chosen among the OSA “Best of 2009” in Optics and Photonics News

First direct test of quantum commutation rules



Arbitrary superpositions of quantum operators demonstrated: first direct quantitative test of quantum commutation rules. We designed a scheme for conditionally generating arbitrary coherent superpositions of quantum operators. The general scheme was later applied to an experiment for implementing the commutator of the creation and annihilation operators. We quantitatively verified the well-known commutation rules in a direct experiment for the first time.

“The nature of light: What is a photon?”


Our Wigner functions on the cover of “The nature of light” CRC-Press book

“Best of 2008” in New Journal of Physics


Our work selected among the “BEST OF 2008” in New Journal of Physics

Playing with photon subtraction



We implemented a reliable scheme for single photon subtraction and tested its effects on paradigmatic light states: Fock, thermal, and coherent. When applied to coherent states, the annihilation operator does not modify the state itself. Experimentally verified that coherent states are eigenstates of the photon annihilation operator.

Cavity-enhanced generation of highly-nonclassical states


We use a pulsed pump enhancement cavity to produce highly-nonclassical states of light at high repetition rates. The frequency comb structure of the pump laser may be transferred to the produced quantum light.

Best poster prize at the “Quantum & Nonlinear Optics” PhD Summer School


Our PhD student Valentina Parigi wins the prize for the best poster presentation at the Quantum & Nonlinear Optics  –  Ph.D. Summer School, Backfallsbyn, Hven, DK

To the roots of non-classicality: First reconstruction of a non-classical Glauber-Sudarshan P-function


We performed the first reconstruction of a non-classical P-function for a photon-added thermal light state. This is the first demonstration of non-classicality according to the original definition by R. Glauber.

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