Tuning network transmission with noise

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Our detailed analysis of the effects of disorder and dephasing on the transmission of a complex network made of optical fibers and cavities has just been published in Nature Scientific Reports.

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A “plug and play” fiber setup for squeezed light



We demonstrate the first all-guided-wave squeezing experiment at telecom wavelengths. The results from this French-Italian collaboration just appeared in Optica and were highlighted in Optics & Photonics News.

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A “Schrödinger’s pet” machine


Our machine for turning any input quantum state into a coherent superposition has just appeared on PRL.

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Laser-induced diamond photoionization


Unraveling the microscopic processes involved in laser irradiation of diamond for optimized direct laser writing of conductive paths towards applications in radiation detection and clinical dosimetry.

Just appeared in Physical Review B.

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A photon with no area




The recent results from the Italian-Brazilian collaboration on the generation of zero-area single-photon pulses have just appeared on PRL and have been highlighted in Physics.

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Larger noiseless amplification



Different combinations of the photon addition and subtraction operators can be effective in noiselessly amplifying coherent states of light with larger amplitudes.

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Welcome to Nicola, our new PhD student

biagiNicola Biagi, a new student from the European LENS PhD Program has just joined our group.

New website launched!

papersWelcome to the new website of our group!

Please be patient if it does not work so well at the beginning. It is still under construction, so come back regularly for updates.


Hybrid cats of light


Our hybrid entangled states of light have just appeared in an article by M. Bellini, L.S. Costanzo, and A. Zavatta on the September issue of the Italian edition of Scientific American (Le Scienze).

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Noise-assisted transport in an optical network


We have realized simple, scalable, and controllable optical fiber cavity networks that allow us to analyze the performance of transport networks for different conditions of interference, dephasing, and disorder.

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